A Wasm Jczsolve Sudoku Solver

The fastest sudoku algorithm to date is jczsolve (C source code, see linked thread for authors). The solver on this page is compiled to WebAssembly from a further optimized implementation in Rust. The website's source code is from attractivechaos's javascript solver with minor adaptations. This wasm solver reaches roughly 50% of the native speed and is thus most likely the fastest web sudoku solver to date. For more information on Sudoku algorithms, see the Wiki page and attractivechaos's blog post.

To use this solver, you may input multiple puzzles in the textarea or one puzzle in the 9x9 grid, and then click the `Solve' button. Alternatively, you may select text in the textarea to fill the grid or write the puzzle string in URL, for example like this. Example inputs are also provided.

The HTML source code is distributed under the MIT open-source license. The Rust solver is licensed under the AGPLv3 open-source license with permission from the original authors. The wasm and js for the solver are licensed the same.


Unique solution
        Solving 87 Sudokus in 0.146 seconds (0.0016 sec / Sudoku)